Why Tera Rusa?

Tera Rusa, which means “red soil” in Piedmontese dialect, is what gives the character to the wines made from the Barbaresco and Barolo regions.

Here Rivetti family grows Barbera, Nebbiolo, Moscato and other indigenous varieties in organic system.

Focused on typical appellations from the region, these wines aim to be the best expression of the passion that the family gives in the whole winemaking process.


Barbaresco DOCG

Barolo DOCG

Langhe DOC Nebbiolo

Barbera d’Alba DOC

Langhe DOC Arneis

Langhe DOC Rosato

Moscato d’Asti DOCG


Since 2009 any pesticides or herbicides have been used anymore.

Only natural method, this is the philosophy carried on. The family really cares vines helth, enviroment and costumers helts so each product used both in the vineyards and in the cellar must be natural and with known origin. The most important thing is to use only the best quality grapes and work to get this result in the vineyards.

Then in the cellar is important to don’t lose the features of the grapes so indigenous fermnetations and traditional vinifications helps so much.

All the electricty used in the cellar comes from renewable sources in order to minimize the environmental impact .

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